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“you tubin’ “

A laptop and free wifi in the airports has totally changed my flying experience.  I now have time to do wonderful things such as this post while on the road.  I would imagine i look pretty funny tho looking at all the  humorous things on you tube lauhing to myself.

We all do it…….you tubing, one minute you are checking facebook. Two hours later you are watching “Great White VS. Killer whale”  or “hot chick w big rack shooting a 44 mag” Its amazing the different places it will take you.  That little window on the side with related videos.

You tube has become such a wonderful resource for all things.  Got a leaky toilet …..go one youtube. Wanna know how to spin deer hair……….go on youtube. Wanna waste an hour and a half………go on youtube.  I love you tube.


Recently i saw a video (link below) that absolutely cracked me up.  One of our friends (with similar taste in humor)decided that it was not that funny.  Maybe even stupid.  i will leave it to you to decide.

this one is for you “Unicorn Wrangler” and now i have sent you on your own little you tube journey.  there are 4 parts to the “guy on the buffalo” series i like #2 the best.

Punch that cougar in the face w a lightning bolt.



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