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When good is good

I probably wont address this one with as much time or thought as what it warrants but I am going to address it anyway in this manner.

I’ve had some great convos with some long time career fly fishing guides recently about different fisheries and peoples expectations for fish when being guided.

In the end the result of these conversations had similar outcomes.  Fisheries are different, what is considered good on one river may be considered slow on another.  What is a trophy on some rivers is a tiddler on another.

All fisheries are unique in size, numbers of fish, scenery, lack of other anglers, willingness to eat dries, foam, streamers, little bugs/big bugs, variety of species or just general good feeling of the fishery. If you are being guided somewhere, it has some combination of these factors. Accept them, rather embrace them as guide or client and make the most of every moment you can spend on the water.


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