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There it was

So thats 10 of the many things I have learned/experienced in my brief time thus far guiding for steelhead.  Again all of these topics were opinion, I don’t claim to know all the answers, but these are some of the things that I think have helped me and my clients into a better steelheading experience.

Life continues to tick along on the frozen prairie.  I still want to punch the weatherman in the face, and I still hate winter.

Boat project is still coming along, It should be real good when I get it done.  Getting some clutch help from luke skywalker and senor2 and learning a ton of shit along the way. Rivets are amazing, circular saws can do some crazy stuff in the hands of the right person, aluminum and UHMW is expensive, and measure twice cut once.

Flies are at a bit of a standstill for now. Really hoping to have them finished or close to it before I head west mid March. There is nothing worse than tying trout flies when you are steelheading or rooster fishing.  I want to be tying the bugs that I’m fishing.

Still trying to sell the Xtank on KIJIJIJIJIJiiii. what a pain in the ass that is turning out to be.  Its funny what people think thy are going to get when you are ASKING $2600 for a vehicle.  One guy sent an email and asked if there was anything wrong with it ?????

I replied “No It’s mint”




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