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” The nervous breakdown and the onion man”

Heres a pic of some of the chow we served up last night. AAA Alberta Prime Rib, Yorkshire pudding, Steamed Crab legs, Stuffed baked potato, grilled asparagus, Herb roasted vegetable medley. pretty standard slop

Ok so this is my last trip to camp for this season. About 10 days ago, I went to the chef and told him I was going to be mentally unable to serve the line (put food on the plates for the customers) I didn’t have any big issues. There was no straw that broke this camel’s back. It is a difficult job to put on the smiley face every time. There are some wonderful people here that are very appreciative of the work we do, and then there is the others. The 10% guys, No more for me. I was prepared to deal with whatever the consequences, even if it meant getting on the next chopper.

If you want something special from the kitchen it is best to build a rapport with them. At very least have a history of smiles and manners. There is one guy in particular that I have watched since he arrived who absolutely hates onions. All our food has onions and will continue to. “Dair onioons in dat” is a daily from this guy. He will then stomp off disappointed because of his narrow field of choices due to his childish onion phobia. What are we 11 yrs old. Its is quite humorous for us in the kitchen and we enjoy every minute of it. I have since coined him “Onion Man”

So last night one of my co-workers was walking down a hallway and overheard one of the clients talking to his caveman friends saying ” Dinner tonight was GARBAGE” he stopped and look who it was “Onion Man” he questioned him on it ” Oh, you didn’t like dinner tonight” He replied ” Nope it was GARBAGE” his friends were visually embarrassed for/of him and complimented on the meals the last couple of nights, Thank you fellas. Maybe I should try to get in good with him, maybe he will invite me over for dinner. I would love to see what he eats at home. We will continue to laugh about this one for a while. First word problems man, first world problems.



  1. Noah

    Dude. That looks amazing. I need to get me up to that camp.

    Might want to ask Onion Man what he likes to eat, act interested in potentially making it specifically for him, then every night when he asks, say “No, I didn’t make it tonight. Maybe tomorrow.” False hope being crushed daily is kind of entertaining.

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