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The History of the Cod

Well not all my friends know me as “COD”

Due to the very slight resemblance to my last name and my un-quenchable thirst for fishing.  A few kids in the early grades would sometimes call me “codfish” or “cod”.   Once we made it to the 4th grade and we started to learn french some even put in the effort to find out the french “Morue Poisson” and make a stab at that.  It never stuck by the time i made it to junior high it had all but passed.

It had all passed until 15 yrs later  I was working on a offshore drilling rig with Doug W.  “Doug eye the bug eye”  i guess with a handle such as that there is not much to complain about.  One day i said “Doug eye…you know i haven’t heard any stupid childish shit like that since the early grades” he chuckled and replied ” Well now you know what kind of genius you are dealing with around here”  he was right hahaha.  I sometimes miss the quality time spent w doug eye. Whether it was needle gunning rust,  painting, mopping or killing time. Doug was always good company.  Although I often times did alot of the work.   He smoked alot of cigarettes and drank pepsi by the gallon but he was good company. I am gonna try and get ahold of him over the holidays and see what he is up too.

At first I neither liked nor dis liked the handle “COD” but if a fella has to have one i guess its not so bad.  I do somewhat  like it.  no one with as clever/stupid variations as “doug eye the bug eye tho” ie: “the Codfather”  “Codilicious”  or ” Jean COD van damme” .  Well theres a bit of history for you.

heres a bit more.   I am not a huge reader but i got this book from a friend. I was not able to put it down until i finished it.



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