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“The Duck Commander”

I love to waterfowl hunt.   I don’t get to do nearly enough of it but I still think about it a ton.  I have always hunted since I can remember.  As soon as I was of age I went and got my hunter safety and started to hunt with my dad.  He had always told me stories about duck hunting but we never got around to doing it until after I finished college and moved away from CB.  I had came home from the west to write my inter provincial red seal for cooking.  It was to be a short visit. When I added up my hours and was still 300 short .  The guy at the apprenticeship board told me that if I would take a 6 week block of school he would allow me to write.  This was very appealing.  I get to stick around to visit with the family and friends and  also get to be around for hunting season.   That fall me and Dad and sometimes my Bro had a ball hunting ducks around the local waters out of our 14ft bright red “andrea dory”  We had a lot of laughs, a lot of memories, and a lot of shots fired without too many ducks.  I swear he just liked seeing me bang away at them.  That fall started an obsession.  During the years when I was working offshore I terrorized the Bras d’Or lakes duck population day in day out.  A  21 and 21 rotation and I hunted 18 days….no sunday hunting in NS.  Saturday night we would go out to the bar and sunday was the day of rest.  I knew where all the birds were.  There are not a ton of birds in this area so it was key.  Being dialed in like that I soooo awesome.   Sure I got my fair share of skunked days and worked hard for every bird but had a ball.  riding in boats, shooting , building blinds.  Its an excuse for adults to act like kids again.

One day I would really like to hunt the timber in southern USA it looks soooo awesome.  any takers???   Trade for an alberta hunt.

In 2004 after moving to Calgary I was ready to hunt the great flyway of the west.  There were so many more birds than what I was used to.   Not many people hunt over water in alberta.  That was the only way I knew how to do it.   I shot the shit out of birds that first fall.  new species I had only seen in books. limiting out in 20mins. Laying out in the mud.  crazy long treks with loads of gear on my back. good times good times   I hunted solo a lot that year.  I actually hunt solo a lot anyway.  I like company but only about 50% of the time.  Since that season I have discovered field hunting. Field hunting is a lot easier and cleaner but requires a scouting evening/morning/or even day.  Then you have to acquire permission.  Hunting water allows you to hunt a lot of public property.

Now that I am so busy guiding on the Bow. I virtually miss the first 6 weeks of the waterfowl season.  We are not allowed to hunt ducks on the river until after Nov 1.  Its not so bad tho by that time most of the traffic is off the river and I don’t mind running the jet so much. I have had some great hunts on the Bow.  This year I did around 6-7 hunts on the river in between trips to camp.  I just wish the season ran later into the winter.

A late season decoy hunt along the banks of the Bow w a friend.

Late season solo jump shoot. oops 2 hens

My Jet boat that I hunt with.

If you watch alot of outdoors television or watch waterfowl videos you are bound to have heard of the “Duck Commander”  Here is a little trailer for his reality duck hunting TV show from a couple of years ago I have watched this thing so many times and it still makes me laugh. Watch to whole thing even if you are not a hunter there are some good ones.

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