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The Camp Life

What does a calgarian fishing guide do in the winter…………..whatever they can to keep the bill collectors away. This year I tried something different.

In the Spring of 2004 I took a huge leap from the big $$$$ of offshore oil. To the barely scatching by trying to refuel my cooking career in a new city. Within 6 months of making the move I had $20 to my name on a monday and payday was on Friday. I remember that trip to the grocery store. Eggs, Bread, frozen peas, and magarine. Needless to say I made it. I realized that I was gonna have to get a second job to live the life that I had become accustom too. I got a evening job bartending/serving and within the year I had quit cooking and started working at fishtales in the daytime. I swore to myself then that I was done with cooking.

This summer an old cooking school friend was in calgary for a conference. We met for beers. I told him that I had no real plans for the off season. He thought i should give the camps a try. He had done it and said it was easy money. I dismissed it at the time but the seed had been planted. I kicked around this idea for a bit then got a # from him. I had to send off a resume. I was told I had the job just needed something to put in my file. A few weeks later and I was sent off to my first camp job.

A little nervous at first but it all came back pretty quick and I would say that i am enjoying it. Life in camp is not too bad. no bills because i dont really have an address. You spend most of the time here anyway. I exercise everyday, and eat well……better… I try.

I am a few days back to camp now and all I can think about is the freedoms that live on the other side of a few trips to camp and a chunk of cash in the account. This will be the first trip where I have tied flies. I have brought the stuff before but could’nt get into it. I have to tie 6832 flies this year for the shop so I have to get into it hahaha.

Nothing special but it gets the job done

My Room I was pleasantly surprised I think its all you need.

First born flies and the start to my order for the year. Chenille worms nice and easy to get me in the

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    You gonna be back at the shop this summer?

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