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The best part of most movies is the introduction of its characters


Think about it. It’s true the most exciting part of most  is the first third when the relevant characters are introduced It’s the part when your imagination can take the movie in any direction and it sets you up to be surprised when it takes a turn, or if you are a movie dissector then it marks the time when you start making your predictions.

I have an amazing way of allowing myself to fall into a movie. I get a lot of enjoyment even from poor movies. I guess it’s just the love of a story.

One of the best examples of good introduction of characters is  the Arnold Swarzeneggers classic “predator”.  A great film for its time but what really stands out is the introduction of it’s characters. So good, so so good

Another film  which gets off to a good start was Magnum PI’s Squiggly down under

Or think about Reservoir doggies

There are endless examples of it. these are some of my favs

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  1. Senor 2

    that is some heavy siskel and ebert stuff there senor.
    sounds like a grade 10 english assignment. i do know they introduce the characters at the start of the world series

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