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That’s a moray

We’ve all done some dumb shit in our lives.  As time goes on I think about this one no and again.  When I saw this eel’s head sticking out from underneath a rock, I knew it was a far cry from the ones we used to spear w hockey sticks, hose clamps, and long galvanized nails.  Never did I think it would be this big.

eel face

I kinda figured it was dangerous, but not until a good cuban friend of mine who spear fishes saw the picture and he waved his finger just inches from my face and said ” no no no harron, this is very bad.  If you didn’t kill it, it would have hurt you . . . . BAD”





  1. Senor 2

    Yes you could make the argument that it was kind of a dumb move, but anyone with the male genes knows there is that part of the brain that always is kind of a cheerleader for this type of thing and is forever coaxing boys to try and pull this shit off.
    90% of the life for the boys is either trying to impress the other boys for unspoken status in the tribe or impressing the ladies.
    Simply said….. it was DEFINITELY a good idea to go for it.
    Also, I’m glad you know some Dean Martin music. You should have stayed with it.

  2. JohnR

    LMAO! Sashimi and a belt!

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