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Test Run

Took the boat out  for a rip  w Kylie Monogue this aft. It ran real well.  Threw a few casts w the new Spey rods unfortunately the skagit heads I needed to balance them properly were the only ones that were missing from the kit. Kind of a piss off. Please don’t try and contact me to find out where you can get sexy pantaloons like the ones i have on in the photo,  they are unattainable

I’m heading to Lethbridge this weekend for their annual fly fishing conclave.  I’m not on facemeat anymore but heres a link if you partake in that sort of thing facebook posting Kelly has written some kind words about me further down the page.



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  1. Donnie Brasco

    Every man has to make a stance or two in Life and it appears you have made one of yours with The FB…Sweet pants…and no matter what others say they don’t make you look fat

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