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” I wanna play for that team”

I have never played rugby.  If i did i would wanna play for this team. I heard they have fish there too.   I think I should come up with a chant to do before I launch the boat everyday. … Continue reading

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Fire drill + Lost break = late short post

Participated in my first fire drill today and got to spend the majority of my break in a firehouse. Gotta say, glad it was not the real deal. What a mess. I pretty much am unable to upload, or whatever … Continue reading

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“Are you Ready”

There has been alot going on and alot coming up.  Originally the plan was to go to NZ in search of monster browns for the winter.  Financial instability made me decide to put it off for another year.  A couple … Continue reading

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” Belize on the Brain”

Belize trip is fast approaching I have no flies, Daisy keeps reminding me of that. While that asshole is focusing all free time fabing up the “baby Jesus” crabs, I am stuck in camp making soup. Made a sweet soup … Continue reading

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“Friend of Ours”

Have you ever popped a advil liqui gel capsule in your teeth……….NO ………Well donnie brasco was in town this weekend and he did. He was feeling a little under the weather. He doesn’t normally take medicines or pills when hes … Continue reading

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Couple funny vids

I loves the youtube. Heres a couple vids that I have run into lately Courtesy of Dr. Phil’s facebook. A Friend Mike B made sure I saw this one. an oldie but a goodie.

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Turkey Tacos, Sons of Anarchy, and a Dirt Snake session

Went  and picked up some of my materials for my commercial tying yesterday.  It was a load of stuff.  I am in tying mode now.  I couldn’t wait to get home and get started.  Unfortunately it was getting started on … Continue reading

mickey finn photos by jksnyders and author

Top 10 Fly tying materials

Everyone has their favourite tying materials. Some because of the way it fishes. Some for the way it looks, and some for the way it ties.  These are some of mine and are showing up more and more in my … Continue reading

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Back in town and a little tidbit of fly tying history

I am out of the woods now.  One week of total freedom.  The mastercard is feeling the heat of 3 weeks in camp.  Dinner at the keg, Sushi Lunch, Chiropractor appt., Haircut, Chest/back wax (story upcoming), groceries, personal hygiene stock up, … Continue reading

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10 Surefire things you can do to make the cooks in camp hate you.

hahahaha When I set out to do this blog I wanted to keep it positive. No rants, No drama, No over the top opinions, or politics…..No negativity. Do not take this post in the wrong way. It’s a bit of … Continue reading

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Worm #600 Something

This is a little vid I put together of the worms that I am currently working on. I have tied myself out of materials. All that needs to be done now is Burn the ends with a torch and head … Continue reading

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“Bees and Predators”

Here is a video I found on facebook the other day. It’s pretty bad ass Here is another a little funnier also extremely bad ass. Both have bees, both have predators