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“Friend of Ours”

Have you ever popped a advil liqui gel capsule in your teeth……….NO ………Well donnie brasco was in town this weekend and he did. He was feeling a little under the weather. He doesn’t normally take medicines or pills when hes … Continue reading

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Turkey Tacos, Sons of Anarchy, and a Dirt Snake session

Went  and picked up some of my materials for my commercial tying yesterday.  It was a load of stuff.  I am in tying mode now.  I couldn’t wait to get home and get started.  Unfortunately it was getting started on … Continue reading

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Back in town and a little tidbit of fly tying history

I am out of the woods now.  One week of total freedom.  The mastercard is feeling the heat of 3 weeks in camp.  Dinner at the keg, Sushi Lunch, Chiropractor appt., Haircut, Chest/back wax (story upcoming), groceries, personal hygiene stock up, … Continue reading

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10 Surefire things you can do to make the cooks in camp hate you.

hahahaha When I set out to do this blog I wanted to keep it positive. No rants, No drama, No over the top opinions, or politics…..No negativity. Do not take this post in the wrong way. It’s a bit of … Continue reading

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Worm #600 Something

This is a little vid I put together of the worms that I am currently working on. I have tied myself out of materials. All that needs to be done now is Burn the ends with a torch and head … Continue reading

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“The Ravens don’t fly at night.”

It’s Hard to believe I am in camp over a week already seems like we just got here.  I am working in Camps now 3 weeks on 1 week off.  This is my third trip and I like it just fine. … Continue reading

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The Camp Life

What does a calgarian fishing guide do in the winter…………..whatever they can to keep the bill collectors away. This year I tried something different. In the Spring of 2004 I took a huge leap from the big $$$$ of offshore … Continue reading