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Redfish Obsession

This happy fellow in the photo above is a good friend of mine Kelly.  He was down in louisiana not long ago on some business and managed to get in a morning of  Redfishing.  Although the conditions were grim he managed to land this beauty.  It reinforces that “You’ve gotta go to know”  You will never catch anything staying on the beach. Kelly was out with a guide named Doug Henderson. Doug is the owner of salted flats fly fishing check out his website: Salted Flats Fly Fishing

I am addicted to saltwater fishing. My addiction is in its infancy. I took my first SW trip in 2007. I have since caught bonefish, tarpon, permit, cudas, snappers, snook(smaller),Bluefish(smaller), Specks(smaller). but i am yet to be blessed w my flyrod REDFISH. I dont really gear fish but i did catch one in Florida a couple years back on my only redfish trip. It was caught on a broomstick of a spinning rod using a live crab and heavy chunk of lead. I really had a great time on this trip but the winds were high and the marsh was murky. I did manage to see one redfish from a kayak when he was about 6ft away. Needless to say i didnt get a cast at him.

Redfish are creepin up on my list of things to do or complete. I love the idea of that fishing. The sightfishing, the flies, the marsh, the geographic area where they live. Its coming up soon for me i can feel it.

About 10 yrs ago I worked in louisiana and texas for awhile. I was working offshore on drilling rigs. We did some fishing while on board but not fly fishing. I knew very little of saltwater fly fishing then. From the rig we saw all kinds of species depending on where we were drilling. Dorado, cobia, cuda, reds, specks, jacks, sharks.   Why I accidentally didnt miss my flight back to canada a couple of times and gone fishing is beyond me. I think that maybe its me kicking my ass for that now that drives me back there.

This is a sweet Vid I found the other day while cruising facebook. I’ve gotta do this. some of the sweetest eats I have seen on film.


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