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“Rags to Riches”

Livin’ it up at the Super 8. After my stay in Walmart parking lot, the Super 8 near the Houston airport is a castle. Staying in the X tank isn’t that bad, just a little hard on the neck. My lower back on the left side tells me it was time for a real bed too. Did a bunch of running around yesterday. Oil change, keys cut, hair cut, Cell Phone research, topwater lure pickup, roof rack, and kayak research. Lots of wrong turns and double backs. The roads here are pretty cool. All the major veins have service roads. If you make a wrong turn on the highway you just jump on the service road. Once on the service road, every exit has a left loopty looper and you can spin around under the highway and go back. Spent most of the morning yesterday in a Starbucks. I would have felt bad for leeching of their interwebs but I doubt they felt bad about charging me what they did for a green tea. There was another dude there for longer than me anyway. I got the feeling that his wife thought might have thought he was at work and he didn’t have a job……sad, hopefully I read it wrong.

I went to Sonic burger for lunch this had been my second time to a Sonic. Let me tell you about my first experience from 2 days ago. Its funny sometimes the dumb things that you will do when you don’t know what is going on. K Sonic is a drive thru I didn’t know. I saw 2 doors. One said employee and the other nothing. Employee door seemed to be where all the action was. Other door had a bunch of booths and no peeps. Ok, so I follow the rules and go in the boring door. Once inside there is a menu on the wall but no staff. There is another glass door tho, and it goes to the good side. I go in, girl scrambles ” HI Sir” I figured it out and went back to the boring side. She tried to get my order but I didn’t know what to have on account of never being there before. Now I am standing looking at the board like a dummy. I kind old man tells me ” You just pick up the phone there and they will bring you whatever you want ” K but there is a person right there I thought. I pick up “Hello” nothing the old man tells me I have to press the button now. I press the button, talk to the girl on the other side of the glass, get my stuff. It just seemed to me that the situation is the other way around, It’s usually the younger person helping out the technologically challenged. Again if you don’t know and something is strange to you………..You just don’t know hahahaha. Cherry LimeAid is the best fluid on the planet……..I know its only food coloring and sugar but it is a good good drink. I took my newly acquired skills back there for lunch yesterday. I did the roller skates drive up thing this time tho.

Went out for Dinner and a beer last night to a place called Brickhouse Tavern

While there I ran into a guy named Gary Harling super nice guy, Former Marine turner full time fighter. He goes Pro this June. He has a pretty impressive record 8-3 as a non pro, and one loss as a Pro. I bombarded him with all the questions I would want to ask if I were to ever meet a fighter. I look forward to watching him. I mentioned to him about wanting to go out on a shrimping boat. Turns out he worked on a shrimp boat for a few summers and his Step Dad is a shrimp fisherman. Might get to tick another thing off the “Year list” I am gonna make contact with him and if he can make it happen that would be cool. I wanted to link a vid of one of his fights but I can’t find it. Watch for it tho will find it eventually.

Well here is my vid for the day. Hopefully I have some perms in one soon. I am not gonna be able to keep the vids going everyday. I will try but it takes a lot of time (I know its hard to tell) But me being as computer handicapped as what I am………….well it does.

Houston from chroniclesofcod on Vimeo.

A quick clip masher as I ran a few errands around Houston


  1. AGB

    Haha the onion man really got to ya hey?

  2. SFB

    Nice update! I like the look of the hotel lady when the elevator door opens and she’s faced with a go-pro!

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