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Production Tying

This is a fly of my own design with ideas taken from other flies. Very effective on bonefish in skinny water. Heres the tying instructions for the Creeper from Fishtales fly shops site


Been tying since I was 13.  When you are 13 and don’t have a lot of money the most important thing you will need as a tier is hooks.  I used to go through em.  I have always tied a lot, a lot being by number.  I tied by the 5’s, half doz, 10’s, dozens.  Always more than 1.  My first commercial tying venture was when I was living in NS and used to sell flies at the Flea Market in Sydney.  I would also sell to the guys I worked with on the rig.  This was a great source of side money and it afforded me more and more tying materials.

Since then I have always been tying for cash.  Some years more than others. Mostly custom stuff and things that you don’t find in shops. Last year I took on a little more and tied 3000 flies for fish tales. A small # to many but it paid for my belize trip last year.  This year I will be tying more 6800.  Still not a huge # but when you are doing it on the side and don’t dedicate whole days to tying its alot.  Tying is taxing on the body. Last year it cost me a few hundred dollars in chiropractic bills and had me laid up for a week.

I am in camp now and just startng to get going on this years order and my back is screaming at me.  Table too high and chair too low.  Gotta get something figured out or its gonna be a long winter.  My sweet sweet chair that I bought  from BHurt at staples sits lonely in Matlocks dark music room.  The once majestic L shaped tying desk from daisys office is rotting in some landfill now because JKSnyders smashed the shit out of it in the dumpster behind the old place. I could’nt find it a good home it had to be done.

Heres to sweet set ups.  Try and get your tying area as comfy as possible.  You will enjoy it and do it way more. Here are some of the pics from last years flies.

Claret Leeches.  Last year I did 100 dozen of these in various colors. This year I will be doing more than double.

Same fly only in black. This is my #1 variation for rivers or lakes.

Creepers creepin’




  1. dp

    my back hurts just looking at that rack of bugs.

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