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“Off I go”

My final day in Calgary was spent packing, cleaning, talking with family on the phone,organizing, and wondering how the hell those horse pills made me feel this much better in such a short amount of time. It’s amazing how much of a head game being sick can play on you.  I spent a good part of the last several days laying in bed trying to get better.  I was constantly worrying, doubting, second guessing, and procrastinating about my up coming journey.  I am glad that I snapped out of that.  I woke this AM happy, feeling good and invigorated for the trip.

I left Calgary late this afternoon and came down to CPU (Carseland Permit University) Graham and yvonne invited me out for supper and to stay the night.  This will cut an hour off the journey tomor. Trips to the CPU are always good.  Its great to catch up with him and the family, swap some permit theories, and have a few laughs. The reason I call it the CPU is that it is a launch pad for all things Permit. From casting lessons, casting practice, fly tank testings, leader construction, Knot face-offs, To rod line match-up convo’s. Permitty things happen here at the CPU and sometimes all in one visit.

Tonight Graham introduced me to the world of ultra lite cook stoves.  I always knew that there was another world out there but I didn’t know to what extent.  There are some really cool, tiny, light, efficient stoves out there. It is insane how fast they can boil water


Thanks for having me out Graham and Yvonne. Hope you enjoy following my trip.

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