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my ship has come in…….well my shipment

Thanks daisy for sending me off my emergency fly tying package.  As I have said in earlier posts, I would like to have all my worms and saltwater stuff done before I leave for Belize.  I am still going to try and do so but it will be a scramble. My lack of brain activity during my last trip to matlock’s has set me back.  I forgot 2 colours of buck tail, 2 colours of super hair, krystal flash, norvise spooling arbor, Rabbit strips and pliers. My tying has been more prepping the hooks for the wings of gotchas and bending hooks for the creepers.

It seems as if permit quest has been bumped up a day  due to a $400 price difference in tickets.  It will now begin on the 2nd of march.  We are in Hopkins for a full moon cycle.  The guides there say that it is better so we are gonna give it a try.

I still have the dilemma of not having my spooling arbor.  I will try and fashion on up with things from around the camp tonight.  I will post pics if successful.  If not I will continue to whine about it.

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