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More than I bargained for

Well, 20 rivets turned into closer to 50 rivets, 2 grinding discs, and a few different pry bars and hammering tools.  That set removal was a bit of a task.  One thing is for sure, that seat wasnt going to fall out.

photo 2-7

Now I have to get all those rivets welded up and construct the template for my flat floor. One of the reasons this removal was so complicated is that the storage under the seat was also a live bait well.

photo 3-11

Those who know me know that I don’t always have a “gentle” touch. . . . . . I am hard on shit. I really tried to take my time on this one.  There haven’t been any mishaps as of yet. Any companies who want me to wreck their stuff can just leave a email addy on the comment board and that Senor 2 guy will schedule you an appointment.

Heres a song by Corb Lund  you might like.  I laugh every time I hear it.  I’m not one for country music, but his songs are more like a little pieces of comedy to me.

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  1. Senor 2

    the boat is finally looking like something i’d like. option free. WEIGHT is the enemy of motion.

    You mentioned that from time to time you may be” a little rugged with the gear”.

    …….ya think………..

    that statement sounds like it is in the same linguistic “family” as “there may be a little lag in my posts”

    great choice of music but not sure if corb has been in jail
    i thought that was a must to get on your playlist

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