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Here is one I wrote awhile back. I waited for the pics from my mother for a while and it kinda got lost, similar to myself the last couple months.  Im steelheading!

Not sure what made me think of it but driving out to the worksite today I was reminded of the ever so familiar sound of someone entering my grandparents houses.


Me and my grandmother Leblanc one Christmas many moons and a lot of chest hair ago

At my grandmother Leblancs it was an old white chipped paint wooded door w a step that seemed to need painting every second year. You could hear footsteps approaching in the chipped rock gravel, the  thud up the wooden steps, the door had a suction sound about it as guests emptied straight into the kitchen.


Granny and Grampy Caldwell, me, broski, and Dad.  The only thing missing was mother but someone had to operate the camera since it was before the timer.

At my granny and grampy caldwell’s you could hear the cars crushing up through the gravel, the 2 step concrete step which gave me the nasty scar on my chin (my mother still says it was my brother who split his chin on that step but the way I remember it, it was me and don’t know where the scar would have came from otherwise) there was an old bus seat that was at the top of empty sounding concrete step as well. From inside you could hear the distinct “klank” of the aluminum screen doors push button and people arrived to visit as they often did.

Again not sure why I thought of these things this morning but it’s little tidbits Iike that that Immortalize these loved ones forever in our hearts and I love when I get them.

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