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“I miss fishing…………..soon my friends, soon.”

Back up in Camp. Its cold here, I want out of the cold. My last trip for a bit. I am gonna be tying some smaller worms and some bonefish stuff. I am over worms. I also brought my baja books for reading material. My loosely planned upcoming trip is:

-Drive to Houston.
-Check out the scene around corpus for some reds.
-Fly from Houston to Belize.
-Spend 10 days at Dixies in Hopkins.
-Catch 13 Permit……I wish.
-Back to Houston and catch 300 redfish nothing under 20lbs.
-Drive to Baja without getting robbed, car jacked, or raped.
-Catch a Rooster from the beach.
-Meet the faceless crew somewhere in baja that they have dialed already.
-Run out of $$$ and limp back to Calgary tanned and nearly broke.
-Go to Cuba for 2 weeks………..Catch 13 more permit.
-Return to Calgary, Win the lottery, Buy my trailer to live in, Rip the lips off massive browns on stones for the month of July.

Some research reads for while I am in Camp.

Some little nasties for bonefish. #8’s on Daiichi 2546.

A trout vid although my focus is getting saltier.

mayfly from Matt Dunkinson Photography on Vimeo.

This short film is a trailer for a chapter of an ongoing project. Filmed and edited by Matt Dunkinson – mid may, on the Broadlands Estate, River Test, fishing the hatch is head Riverkeeper Jon Hall.

More info on the fishery

More info on the project:

To note, this is a personal project, and was not commissioned for commercial use.




  1. dp

    all fishing plans should be that ambitious

  2. Matlock

    Nothin under 20. Fucken A.

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