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I Loves all the creatures

This has been a great year. This has been a great year for me to rescue things. First there was the Nurse shark trapped in the net in Belize. Then there was the Sheeps head that I rescued in Port Aransas that was caught on someones stringer and got away from them. Then there was the Robin that got hooked on a stray tungsten bead nymph on a dock. Now I got to help out a duck. Its nice to be able to help out the critters sometime.

I guess in a way I was just helping a baby duck out of the shit situation that I indirectly created.

While stopping along the river for a chat. One of my clients let her fly dangle out the front of the boat. This brightly coloured chunk of foam and rubber legs apparently looks like food to a baby duck. I like the Gamakatsu B10S hook. It sticks fish wicked, It sticks ducks bills wicked under their own weight.

Jeff fought off momma while I unhooked the infant with my catchum release tool. It went as well as it could have I guess. The girls were a little rattled but it all worked out in the end.

Oh shit, what have we done. Momma was not very happy.  Thanks for having my back Jeff.




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  1. Matlock

    There’s a place for all of god’s creatures. Right beside the potatoes.

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