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” The Year List”

As if I have not run into enough troubles coming to camp unprepared for my tying duties. I have encountered yet anther road block. Ran out of pink bucktail. 60 flies short. I am sure that there are alot of bucktails between here and Ft. Nelson. Unfortunately they are likely all still attached to the deer and none of them pink. I guess its back to worms again till I make bail monday.

I have been talking about writing a bucket list. Mentioned it to one of my co-workers. He said he was going to write a “year list” Things that he will do within a year. His explanation was not that he was too young for a “bucket List” If he said it was a before he died list, It would give him too much time to procrastinate. I agreed, good idea. I am gonna write a year list. He is a few of the items.

Learn to Spey cast- I have done a little but not enough to say I “do it” I own a Spey set up, it still has the plastic on it.   Lots of excuses, most of them involve no time/doing other shit/wanna learn from an instructor/can’t make date work with instructor/ etc. etc. I have to do it. I want to do it, I have put it off long enough.

Catch a steelhead- I have had many offers from lots of good friends to go steelheading with them. I haven’t taken any of them up on it ………yet. A lot of awesome stuff happens in the fall i.e.. Shooting mallards from sky, salt water trips, big game hunting, goose hunting. I have also been wanting to go out to the East coast to fish the blitz for stripers and blues during the fall, I have to find time to catch a steel face tho.

Go to Vancouver Island- I have never been. Been told that if I go there I will never come back.

Get my Rooster from the beach- I have talked of this before. I have been waiting over 5 yrs. to make my trip to the Baja. It is getting closer and closer.

Ride a paddle board- heard lots about it, even saw people on the bow with them. It looks fun I am gonna do it.

Buy a travel trailer and live in it for the summer- I have always wanted one. No rent for this guy this summer. I am gonna pull the trigger on it this year.

Kill a big animal with my Bow- I have had my bow for a number of years now. I shoot it quite well at targets. Its time to draw blood.

Get a double barrel side by side shotgun- My grandfather had a side by side 12 gauge. I have always wanted one, not sure why, i’ve just always liked the look of them. I think mine will be a smaller maybe a 20 or 410.

Learn more Spanish- Been going to Cuba for the past 5 yrs. Its embarrassing how little spanish I have picked up. I guess it’s the lack of time thing again. I want the rosetta stone learning system but it has a big price tag on it.

Catfish noodling- yeah thats right, stick your hand in a muddy hole into a cat fishes mouth and wrastle the sucker down. I want to do this badly, I am a bit afraid but whatever. I will be asking people about this when I get to Texas.

Float down the bow river in a tube and drink beer- Been in Calgary for 8 summers.  Been guiding for 5.  Have never done a casual beer drinking float in a tube.

Go golfing again- havent played a round since I moved from Nova Scotia

Get a bicycle- Ride around the Glenmore reservoir and all around fish creek. Heard it’s a really nice ride.

Go fishing on a shrimpboat- I am not sure why I want to do this so bad, but somehow it is connected to the movie Forrest gump, and my family history.

There is a bit of a mixed bag of fish that I would like to knock out on my upcoming trip but I can just mash em all into one. Redfish,speck,big jack,dorado,sailfish maybe? If I am lucky. Some of the items that will be more bucket because they are not gonna happen within the year would be. Get my motorcycle licence, learn to weld, go on a quail hunt, turkey hunt, flooded timber hunt, do the West coast trail with my bro, catch pacific salmon in the salt, Get a snowmobile, go cat boarding again, go sky diving, bungee jump, zip line.  Thats all for now.


  1. Donnie Brasco

    Dude…Torrents…Rosetta Stone is free unless Interpol catches ya…on season 4 of SoA…keeps getting better. Torrents will get ya season 3 and RS to become bilingual. Can you come south march 9-10?

  2. Donnie Brasco

    Noodling??? Really

  3. dp

    i like this “year list” idea. might give me a little focus.

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