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“Houston……We have no problems here.”


the post for “leap day” Feb 29


Leg one of Super trip complete.  I have tomor to run around and do some shit, then fly Friday.  Threw away my snow brush today.  Its funny the things that you don’t think of.   I don’t imagine that it will come in handy when its 26 C. It was a good one, But there was no way I was gonna tote a $11 snowbrush all over the place.  Driving was good today, It was getting a little old tho.  Tons of the little towns  again everywhere.  Had to pluck a few nose hairs again today to “freshen up” it works like a damn.  The route I took was a little longer but I think you get to see more than on the big interstate highways.  $254 in Fuel  doing the speed limit the whole way.  It didn’t even seem that bad actually 3500 something kms in 3 days driving.  The first day I kicked ass tho.

Had a late start today.  Went to check out Flea bag continental b fast this am just to see if I could find a banana or something.  I think some voto loco tried to start a fight with me cuz I was looking at his toast. Can’t be sure tho, didn’t stick around.  Last night I had dinner at a restaurant next door the “Cracker Barrel”  they are all over the place and boast “home cooked”   Thats what I really need after the weak guts from last week. Had some chicken and dumpling thing.  Its was killer, cheap but HUGE portions.  No wonder there are so many fatties around.  Went back for breakfast this am after running into the cartel at my hotel.  

Found a huge ass USA atlas in my back seat that has been there all along.  I will use the AMA maps for firestarter when I get back from Belize.  I put that stupid Coleman stove in the very back today didn’t hear it once.  Had a bit of a new config in the car today seemed to work fine.   I think I am gonna get a roof rack, thats gonna make things way better.   If I get my Kayak I am gonna need it for sure. I will watch craigs list while a Dixie’s place, maybe get one when I get back to the USA.

Had some awesome BBQ close to my Hotel (Walmart)  It wasn’t really what I was felling like but they had the WIFI.  WIFI is a pain in the ass.  I might buy an air card.  My home base for the night is a bit of a 1 stop shop for me tomor.  Verizon- I am gonna get a burner cellphone I think. Wally world, haircut, and Michael’s I need some brown and olive sharpies for making crabs.   I am gonna get a room tomor night I have to make some flies.

Had a good laugh one time today. I had to pull off the highway to piss, so I decided to get gas as well.  Thought it would be a good idea to change into some shorts since it was mid 20s.  When I went into pay there was a sweet old lady at the door to meet me.  She said  with wide eyes ” We REALLY enjoyed your little show out there.  Those are some nice red underwear”   The lady behind the counter turned 11 shades of red and looked at her feet.  They obviously knew each other well.  The sweet old lady said good bye to her friend and said she was gonna run home and tell her husband what she had just witnessed. She reminded me very much of my grandmother Leblanc.  She would have said something quite similar but maybe not so “G” rated.  It was tooooo funny. Talk of the town, talk of the town.

Amarilizzio to Houston from chroniclesofcod on Vimeo.

A quick clip masher about my drive today.



  1. Paul Birmingham

    haha, you’re mental. So, what’s the deal? Is this a 3 month trip? Where are you flying out of to go to Belize?

    Safe travels homeboy.

  2. Donnie Brasco

    I woulda figured you were a thong kinda guy

  3. Brodie Buchanan

    Good luck on your travels sir, keep us updated!

  4. senor 2

    you’re getting to be quite the steven speilberg there on the road. are you going to get a roof rack like the one on our ubiquitous fishing friend’s car… not sure about the cool factor on that one….
    doesn’t billy mays have a better gadget for pulling the nose hair…. in alberta you’d get a distracted driving ticket for that.
    catch some perms in belize….

    senor 2

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