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Houston to Hopkins

Left the Hotel a little early and re-arranged some things in the luggage. I left some wet ones in my Yeti cooler and they got a little funky over the winter in there. You are supposed to leave dry paper towels in it to keep the musty smell out, oh well. Arrived at the airport a little early. I was not as organized for this flight as I usually am so I thought early is best. Had a burger at Ruby’s as we do every year. Ran into Jeff T at my gate he’s down here on Biz. We had a chat for a bit. Ran into Allan and Cheryl. They are down on a vacation fishing Turneffe Flats Lodge, el pescador and somewhere else too. Met up with daisy. He was all upset cuz I ate without him, what a baby. They were offering up $500 voutures free hotels, meals, and first class on tomorrows flights to give up you seats. If I were doing this leg alone I would have done it. Bumpy flight, did some editing, and chatted with my seat mates, a nice couple from Squamish who Kayak and camp around the same area where we fish. Dixie met us at the airport and we drove into Villa Verano. He said he had a surprise for us. We arrive and see a big keg cooler in the entrance. Stayed up pretty late after a nice dinner. Rigged rods and unpacked gear. Fished the last little bit of the early tide this am. Big O had a good shot at a pair of perms . Lloyd is coming back for us at 2. The trip out to the grounds was as bad as I have every seen it. We even had some water come over the front of the panga a few times. The flats close to the mangroves were a little stirred up so we focused on the offshore ones a bit more. Saw a few other boats around out there today which is strange. Belize seems to be hopping a little more than the previous years that I have been down here. Tons to say, not a lot of time. I don’t wanna be anti social either with my face in the laptop the whole trip. Heres another vid and some pics from the last little bit C/O. Dixie. Special thanks to Levon Brown for the music suggests for the vids. I will listen to em all and see how they work. Music continues to be a thorn in the side of the vid making and its nice to have some fresh ears.

Houston to Hopkins from chroniclesofcod on Vimeo.

A quick clip masher outlining my travels between Houston and Hopkins Belize


  1. Unicorn Wrangler

    Some good posts the last few days, liked the nose plucking, forest fire and elevator maid. Tell Daisy his tits look great. Have fun being gay as aids fuck sticks

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