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“Horse pills and big bills”

Made it to the doc today. What a great experience that was. It was as if I was putting him out for even being there. He couldn’t get me out of that room quick enough. I think I got the “script of the day” I dunno what it is but it’s bad ass antibiotics to tame my growling guts. All I can hope for is that he was right.

Stopped at the fly shop to pick up some last minute stuff and have a quick visit. As with all final trips to a shop before the big trip, the wallet took another hit. I did get my new hero 2 I am quite pleased about that, topped up on some tying stuff, got a reel spooled up, and get a few new fly lines.

I am quite excited to try the new Airflo tropical ridge w/ the clear tip. I am a huge fan of airflo lines anyway. I am especially a fan of their salt water lines and to make improvements to what is already the best….. Well thats just above and beyond

Trip will be postponed yet another day. Its gonna be pinch to get to Houston on time. Current E.T.D monday am. oh yeah and I locked my keys in my car this aft. Things just keep on getting better

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  1. Shyleazy

    Just the tip. That line is awesome have a good trip bro stab a perm or two in the face.

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