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Got me thinkin’


all this boat modification, seminars, fly fishing show, spey casting talk, fly chat and general steeliness has me wanting to go fish for them quite badly.  Went through some pics from the last couple seasons and I thought i would share a fewDSC_0331This is probly my favorite photo that i am in w a steelhead.  This was fall 2012 with good friend Karlito and new friend Motana Chris

Image 2Darren and Georgie boy w a cranker.

Sometimes when the fish gets away an interesting photo comes from it.  This is what Darren came up with.IMG_0936



2014 Mom and Dad came to visit steely land. I was very fortunate to spend alot of time with the folks last year






IMG_0952 IMG_1002


Long time guest of the lodge Kauro with a good one.

El Kevino w a gooder from the rock.

IMG_1040 IMG_1060

Senor 2 came for a 1 night visit.  Just happened to be the worst water conditions we had seen all 2014.  We still managed a few that evening tho.

A good one that I held up for a client that wasnt up to the task of wrangling for a photo.IMG_1112 IMG_1123




A bitter sweet day.  Pullin out the last boat on 2014


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  1. Lorney

    Nice pics. That would be a great experience fishing for steelhead. One of these days I will fish for them.

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