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“For my Friends”


I wanna post this for a couple of my friends in camp who like to overplay country to the point of my insanity.  Although it’s kinda countryish, I enjoy quite enjoy it. I saw this video on the IF3 film tour last year.  I thought it was hilarious and have been recently re-introduced.  Very clever, very talented, very entertaining.

Fly of My Dreams from Marc Crapo on Vimeo.

Fly of my Dreams is an original song written for me by Joe Rood from Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys. I filmed the music video on location in Ashton Idaho one afternoon in August 2010. I used a canon HV30 with an RNG35 adapter and a cinevate flip device. Song was recorded at Moon Room Studios Courtesy of Payte Cagle and paid for by Marc Crapo all rights reserved. “Down with the Foot” is a collaboration effort comprised of Joe Rood (guitar/lead vocals), Robby Mason (Lead Guitar/backup vocals/bass), Marc Crapo (Harmonica) and Royce Klingler (egg shakers). This is my first attempt at a “music video”. Any tips, comments and or feedback are welcome. This content is made possible by my custom leather work business. Music video will be featured on my upcoming film NSA vol. 2 for more information please visit our website:

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