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“fly tying economics”

This will be a short one.  Crew change today and over-extending our workforce.  Making meat stuffed with meat and wrapped in meat gives me little time to blog.

Boneless chicken thighs stuffed with jalepeno cheddar Smokey and wrapped in Bacon.

Heres some food for thought.  Below is a buck tail and high quality one at that. (via Daisy express emergency fly tying shipments  D.E.E.F.T.S.  )  I have tied 3 doz #4 gotchas from this.  I estimate that I will get around 10 doz from it.  A buck tail costs say $7.  Thats .70 a doz thats almost 6 cents per fly just in hair.  Add a 25 cent hook, 15 cent dumbbells, thread, body material, flash.  you’re getting up on 50 cents a fly-COST.  Factor your time. Maybe we shouldn’t mind paying $3.25 a fly.  I still like to tying my flies tho, when I have the time.

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