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Fish Faces

Me and fly tying remains to be the only cool thing about camp. I really screwed up this trip tho.  Very un prepared.   Found out last night that I forgot my spooling arbor for my nor bobbin in unicorn wranglers drill back at the “lofi ranch”  Spooling norvise spools by hand is not a good time.   My emergency tying materials package from daisy should arrive tomor.  I should be all good then.

On my upcoming trip. I want to take the picture of, and inflict hook penetration on the face of a redfish,  a big speck’s face,  of course a permit’s face, a big jack’s face, and a roosters face.  Maybe some other faces as well.  I like fish face pics.  Here are a couple I have dug up.  Not all of them are my pics tho. Some I just found in my iphoto.Runoff brown by one of my clients in 2011

Another bow river brown

and another and another

Pike face

A friend Dave D’s first sight fished cuda on the flats.

Foulish hooked Cuban bonefish face.

GT Face



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