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Fire drill + Lost break = late short post

Participated in my first fire drill today and got to spend the majority of my break in a firehouse. Gotta say, glad it was not the real deal. What a mess. I pretty much am unable to upload, or whatever you call what you do to make a post when the camp electronic super highway has a porn traffic jam going on. Therefore I either get my posts done during midday break or it takes me an hour and a half to do 20 mins work.

Let me explain the way the camp rooms work. 2 rooms connected by a bathroom where both rooms share that bathroom. It works good. Whoever is on the other side of my shitter is the one of the loudest snoring dudes that I have ever heard. He is asleep before I get off work every night, and showers and is gone before I rise. I tie flies next to the bathroom door and I can hear him plain as day sawing away. Every 5 mins or so I will hear him let out a scream/grunt. Not sure if in his dream he is ordering a pizza or being chased by an escaped gorilla. It’s a riot. tomor night if he is really givin er’ I will try and capture some audio to share.

Here are a couple pics and a link to a blog post.

Late season Bow River brown.

Rainbow face

Nasty boy Gartside leech tied on an owner 60′ jig hook. Probably my favourite all time bow river streamer.

A thank you gift I tied for Matlock and marky mark this past summer.


While going through my trapline of fishing blogs (which i now quite enjoy) ran across this post on
DAWN PATROL Read and heed

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