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Finding long lost stuff

One of life’s great pleasures

Sometimes its $20.  Sometimes it’s your spare keys.  sometimes it’s a flybox filled with treasures

This time it was one of my headlamps I’ve had since I was in TEXAS.  found it in my hunting bag.  Just happens to be the same one that was missing in that post. They were all new and shiny back then. Now the orange one is on the miss.

With my Xmas Gift certificates to MEC I went and topped up on some camping gear this week.  Love that place.  I can feel my wallet heat up when I go in the door.

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  1. Senor 2

    maybe you just need a few organizational tips. you may get fewer of the “finding the long lost” moments with these ideas because you always can find your stuff.
    1.make a quick mental note when using your current tools and paraphenalia.
    2. neatly store the longer term stuff in rubber maids.
    3. get some uhmw and make some racks and hooks to hang your stuff on with labels and you can outline behind the hook so it will be just a quick visual glance to see where for instance the Tum wrench goes, if you have an outline of a Tum wrench drawn on the wall

    I’ll list more helpful ideas as this goes along

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