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Took a browse through my “Draft” folder for the chronicles.  Found a bunch of great unfinished or never had the balls to post stuff in there.  I am going to be posting some of this over the next little bit.  There are 47 actually  probably only half are worth a shit but thats a lot of posts for rainy days.

Next Sunday the 18th I will be doing a seminar at FISHTALES on some of the things that I have learned over the last couple seasons of guiding steelhead.  Then monday I will be starting 10 days of  “10 things I have learned guiding steelhead”  so that way those of you who cannot make it can share on the action as well

Had a visit from the cyber coyote and unicorn wrangler the other day, and we tortured his pooch “edna scissorpaws” on the tread mill.  It was hilarious watching her run on that thing.  Also still tying away at the commercial order.  My first whole week yielded almost 1000 leeches  not too bad, not too bad.  It only took my 5 seasons of “Weeds” and 6 movies.

For the frustrated faithful, shouldn’t have any more of the site down issues.  Dr.Phil has put us onto a new super turbo server and I will try to keep the posts flowing.  A busy couple months ahead.

Today I weald a grinder again and prepare to remove the middle bench from my Jon boat project.  This is a big chop and there are close to 20 rivets below the waterline that’ll be coming out.


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