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Worm #600 Something

This is a little vid I put together of the worms that I am currently working on. I have tied myself out of materials. All that needs to be done now is Burn the ends with a torch and head … Continue reading

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Production Tying

This is a fly of my own design with ideas taken from other flies. Very effective on bonefish in skinny water. Heres the tying instructions for the Creeper from Fishtales fly shops site   Been tying since I was 13. … Continue reading

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“The Duck Commander”

I love to waterfowl hunt.   I don’t get to do nearly enough of it but I still think about it a ton.  I have always hunted since I can remember.  As soon as I was of age I went … Continue reading

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“Better Flies Faster”

Norm Norlander’s slogan “Ties Better Flies faster”.  There has never been a more true statement in fly fishing.  I have been using the Norvise now for about 6 years.  To me there is no other.  It can do all the … Continue reading

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The Camp Life

What does a calgarian fishing guide do in the winter…………..whatever they can to keep the bill collectors away. This year I tried something different. In the Spring of 2004 I took a huge leap from the big $$$$ of offshore … Continue reading