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“Better Flies Faster”

Norm Norlander’s slogan “Ties Better Flies faster”.  There has never been a more true statement in fly fishing.  I have been using the Norvise now for about 6 years.  To me there is no other.  It can do all the things any other vise can do and more.  The only thing that I can say that would be a negative (Its not really that big of a deal anyway) is that the standard jaw (for me) only handles hooks down to size 16 well.  But ………but….but.  Norm has a midge jaw attachment that you can get that solves all that so……… issue.  

As you can see mine has a few miles on it.  Just for a guess (on the safe side) I figure somewhere in the area of 15,000 flies later. The finish is a little worn but I could care less and I am not exactly easy on my stuff.  Over that time it has only needed one tune up that a friend did for me. I got some thread tangled up in the internal bearing somehow.  maybe in a crazy spinning frenzy of some sort.

Sometimes after a couple of spools of thread if you are using waxed. A build-up can happen in the bobbin tube. This doesnt mean much for the occasional tier but if you are tying alot you will recognize this. I built a tool for this.

Pretty simple really a piece of heavy mono that fits the tube with the end burnt ever so slightly.  I think this is 40lb.  remember to insert from the tip of the bobbin that way it pushes the wax out of the bobbin not all the way thru the tube.  I have just electrical taped it to the allan key that came with my vise.

This Green thing is a thread keeper that is available from norvise.  Someone showed me t chop the top off and put it right over the tip of the bobbin.  It gives you a little more to hold onto.

Norm has a whole series of videos on youtube doing demos with his vise this is one of my favorites







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