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” Belize on the Brain”

Belize trip is fast approaching I have no flies, Daisy keeps reminding me of that. While that asshole is focusing all free time fabing up the “baby Jesus” crabs, I am stuck in camp making soup. Made a sweet soup today “Smokey Pork and Black bean”

Here are some picks from 2011 “permit quest”  8 days 4 anglers 0 permit to hand.  Reasonable # of eats, lots of shots, no fish to hand.

Hopkins Guide Lloyd Nunez and his son Robbie.  The present and the future of Hopkins permit fishing.

The big “o” firing at one with guide “sammy”

Bid O and sammy stalking.

These are delicious when ripped out of their shell and tenderized with a hammer.

Permit food.

The inspiration for the “Baby Jesus” crab.

Villa Verano in the morning light.

The Bauer flats crab

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  1. Donnie Brasco

    Thanks abunch…now I too have Belize on the Brain and neither the $$$ nor the time to get my fix

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