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“Back in town”


Made it back to Calgary all good and safe. Had some of the usual suspects stop by last night to say hello. Got a good start today, Unicorn wrangler makes really good smelling coffee although I don’t drink it. Picked up a few rods and a reel for my trip today.  Yes, that is a spinning rod.  I need it for teasing roosters and occasionally catching some dinner…….Don’t hate.

I went for a run along the Bow River today.  River looks like its in great shape.  First time I have been down by the new Harvey Pass weir project. It makes little sense from the West side of the river, with no water flowing over it anyway.  What a huge difference there is running on pavement to running on a treadmill.  My calves are killing right now.

Went to ama and got some tour books and travel insurance for the trip.  TA was a lot more than what I expected.  Once you leave the country for more than 30 days it’s a different game apparently.

Here’s a quick vid from last week, when I was tying the Gotchas

GOTCHA from chroniclesofcod on Vimeo.

Quick vid tying a Gotcha on a Norvise.


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  1. Billy... you know, BILLY!

    I knew there was a reason I was watching that whole video! ‘Fuckin’ hooker!’ BAaaahahahahahaha!!!

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