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Back in town and a little tidbit of fly tying history

I am out of the woods now.  One week of total freedom.  The mastercard is feeling the heat of 3 weeks in camp.  Dinner at the keg, Sushi Lunch, Chiropractor appt., Haircut, Chest/back wax (story upcoming), groceries, personal hygiene stock up, new jeans.  Most of the day was spent looking for a new pair of sneakers.  Apparently there isn’t a pair of 12-13 skate shoes in Calgary……..unreal.

Glad to be back and looking forward to the Calgary Fly Fishing Show this weekend

This is a real good show if you are around and have not been.  I will be there Friday-Saturday working the Fish Tales booth.

A friend from camp reassured me that there are lots of spelling grammatical errors in my writing.  I truly appreciate your honesty jaegar.  I am gonna give a try at improving it but will apologize in advance for upcoming mistakes. hahahaha.  I have found grammar check on this computer thing and will try to use it. If it doesn’t get it either will I


I like hearing about fly tying history. Origins of a fly, material, style of fishing , etc.  I saw this article on fly fisherman and liked it, thought I would share. History of the Matuka




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