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“Back at it”

We are back to fishing in the morning.  The forecast has the wind switching to the East and dropping. Yesterday was a pretty laid back day.  Tied 6 doz bonefish flies for the shop. Daisy made some crabs. We were gonna rent bikes but it was just too sloppy out there, gonna do it another day tho for sure.  Went kayaking for a bit. Dix and rod launched the sailboat.  As soon as it entered the water the wind died.  We should have tried that 2 days ago. Went into the Village for some live music and happy hour.  Its good to not fish everyday, But I am eager to get back at it. The Blog has had record hits the last 2 days which is nice to see. Do not be alarmed if I do not post daily at some point.  I am sure that my good luck with WIFI will eventually run out. Keep the comments coming.

Hopkins Day 4 Down Day from chroniclesofcod on Vimeo.

A quick clip masher



  1. Pauline

    Lovin it!! What a trip! Good luck and hoping you get out there fishing. You are doing an awesome job. Wish we were there.

  2. Rob

    Hey there, good to see you having a great time. Well not really just pisses me off I am not there.

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