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“Are you Ready”

There has been alot going on and alot coming up.  Originally the plan was to go to NZ in search of monster browns for the winter.  Financial instability made me decide to put it off for another year.  A couple good things have come of this camp experience.  First it gave me a chance to make a bit of cash, the fact that I don’t have an address anymore makes it easier as well. Secondly it has given me a chance to get in shape for upcoming rooster-smashing-running-tangling-chasing.  I have a 2 day routine for the 21 days that I am here.  I rarely miss my workouts. I have missed a few due to gym being closed for maintenance or the odd work through break scenario.  My 2 day routine is.

Day 1 easy day- 45mins on the treadmill on a mountain setting with a max incline of 6 and max speed of 6.  I choose the six because it has intervals of fast and slow.  At 6 the slow is 4.5.  Thats about the max speed that a human can walk before having to get their jog on.  

Day 2 is harder day   I do 30 mins on the exercise bike on mountain setting.  The best I have been able to do has been 9 km in the 30mins.  I started off doing just about 7.  Thats gives me an average rpms of 113, very difficult, for me anyway.  Then I do the AB Ripper X program for 15mins,  also very difficult.  Between this exercise routine, drinking only water in camp, and trying to eat better. I have lost around 18-20 lbs since guiding finished in Oct.

I’ve got an emergency fly tying order on the way thanks to daisy.  It only took about 14 txts and 3 emails to figure it all out. I guess I should not talk shit about you here.  Doesn’t matter you are way too cool to read this……screw you.  Thanks bro.

Made another good soup today:  Roasted garlic Sweet Potatoe and Bacon

I started into my gotchas and remembered how sharp the edges of cut bead chain eyes are, and also that uni 6/0 isn’t near as strong as flat waxed.  Ping………………

I think with all the excerise I will be in the best condition that I can be for chasing to roosters. This is a little trailer from the film that started my dream for roosters. Running down the man by Felt Soul Media





  1. Nick_Papageorgio

    That soup looks like baby shit. Did it come out of a can?

    • Glad to hear your baby shits awesomeness Nick. I have not entered into the world of fatherhood but it seems to have worked out for your you. Haven’t sold the recipe to any of the big names yet so no it did not come from a can. It was made with love and leftovers right here in northern B.C

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