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” A New Chapter”

My link from yesterday wasn’t working I forgot to unlock the vid. Should be all good now. Today symbolizes a new chapter in my life.  I am embarking on my greatest trip of them all.  3 months of awesomeness.  The camp experience has been a pleasurable one.  I haven’t cooked in a long time and it took me about a day and a half to get right back in the swing of things.  I did it happily for my time here, but it is different now.  The thrill is gone. It was just a job.  Above all I enjoyed the new friends that I have met and some great laughs had.  We had a great crew 90% of the time.  Laughter was the Tell tale factor as to whether or not I was enjoying things here.

The next few days in town are gonna be chock full of the things that are not always fun.  Packing, errands, forgetting shit, worrying about forgetting shit, worrying if I have saved enough cash, Long drives, and sleeping in the car, saying goodbye to friends that I won’t see for a while.

But hopefully if the stars align there are a lot of good things ahead too.  Seeing new places and things, permits, reds, roosters, permits, good beer, camping, eating out of the yeti, raiding daisies fly boxes fro baby Jesus crabs, and meeting new friends and seeing old ones.

I get on a chopper in 10 mins so I better wrap this up.  I look forward to getting out of here and having some fresh material.




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