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9. Only cast as far as you need too.

9. Only cast as far as you need too.

Spey casting is fun. It allows lots of guys to cast farther then they have ever sent a fly before. Problem is lots of us (I am guilty at times as well) throw further then we need to.  If you know that the fish you are fishing too are close to the bank. Why do we fire bombs out into the middle of the river? Its fun, we think “maybe there is one way out there.”And maybe there is but if you really think about what percentage of fish you hook way out in the swing it’s not nearly as many as in the last half. Think of it this way.  If you know or have been told by your guide that most of the fish lie close to the bank in a run. Throw a short line. A 40ft line completes more swings in an hour than a 70 fter. Perhaps take that extra time and go through it again.

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