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8. Use every encounter as a measure of success.

8. Use every encounter as a measure of success.

Lots of days I will hear guys talking with others about how their day was. Often a guy will say “nothing” or “slow” or something to this effect, yet I know they had a number of fish on, or pulled it away from a fish or had a grab, boil, pull, pluck, tug.

When I go out fishing steelhead Its simple to me.  I want to interact with a fish.  Preferably land em or even better hook them up see them, jump them and have them fall off right about the time when I start to think “how/where am I going to land this” all the pulls and plucks I chalk up as a measure if success for the outing.  You had a fish near your fly, they moved for it, they grabbed it   This means you were doing something right and you made that fish come for your offering.  This is awesome

All these pulls and plucks are not all that far from fish on.  Use them as measures of success

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