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4. Fish deeper, fish deeper

I get a kick out of dudes who are constantly worried about not being deep enough, yet I will watch the same guy take 21/2-3 large steps after each swing. Ok, so the difference of depth between let’s say 12ft of T11 and 12ft of T14  could be maybe 6-8″ on the same cast (maybe) but then you take 2-3 large steps between swings covering 5-7ft of water. So that means some people think a fish might NOT move for a fly 6-8″ vertically to grab a fly but they MAY move as much as 5-7ft horizontally???? C’mon, it ain’t adding up.  In my opinion when fishing sink tips you should touch/brush bottom every now and again w the odd snag near the end of the swing. If I start to snag with any frequency I am changing.  It wrecks my mojo, my mood, my casting, and overall enjoyment. I would far rather cover a run with methodical, moderately spaced (30-36″) swings with a lighter tip. But hey do what you want. Just something to think about.

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