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3. Use the angles

3. Use the angles

This is a really tough one to put into words but I will give it my best to describe it.  While fishing swung flies.  The whole purpose is to get the fly “swinging” the swing is a feeling, a speed, a certain tension the water imparts on your line.  Sometimes it’s too fast and on the opposite side too slow.  This swing can be changed by where you stand in the run.  This more applies to the heads if runs where there is a main faster flow and some soft, still, or froggy water in the “eye” or “armpit” (as I like to call it) of the run. If you stand in the fast moving water at the top of the run your fly is gonna die or stop swinging in the sweet spot.  If you stand in the slower water or maybe even on the bank in this same area the fly will swing nicely through this sweet spot. As you move down the run tho you will have to adjust your wading path to keep your swing from crashing into the bank especially if fishing tips.  Summary.  So by changing where you wade in a run you can drastically change how it swings and fishes.   I say this in my head all the time and also to customers. If something is not working, change something. Try changing your angle of where you wader at the head of runs.

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