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2. Fly only matters if you think it matters.

2. Fly only matters if you think it matters.

This one is a tricky subject. Let’s get one thing straight. “Confidence matters”. If you believe in your fly you will catch fish on it. If you don’t believe you will probably still catch fish on it only not as frequently, but in time your confidence will grow in these patterns.  I fished a good deal this season with muddler dudes w some ostrich or rhea tails one was chartreuse and one natural or rusty coloured.  I caught no more, or no less fish than I normally do with these so called “non steelie” colours
WTF is a “steelie” colour anyway.  Apparently its blue, black, purple, pink, and orange from what I gather. Who asked them anyway?


  1. Senor 2

    Guess nobody told you yet. The Office of the High Exalted Steelhead Commission met again last fall in Tacoma Washington and the issue of colors were again hotly debated but at the end of the day it was decided those five colors were indeed the only acceptable colors for steelhead flies, with gold narrowly missing out. Gold will stay as first alternate color and will be put back on the table at the next ratification vote.
    Bottom line is that if you are not fishing flies colored blue, black, purple, orange,pink or some combination thereof- you are not really steelheading. Any fish you happen to catch with a non steelhead color was probably just a fluke and the fish never really meant to strike at it. Most likely the fish in that situation got 3/4 the way to the fly and tried to turn off it but got hooked turning away. Not to be counted in the days tally.

    Speaking of flies. I have some that have been working pretty well and I think I will call them …….”The Confidence Series” I’d post a picture but of course we (the peanut gallery) don’t have that option here at C of C.

  2. AGB

    Ass sucking leech – confidence back to front

  3. insider information guy

    You should try a black and white muddler-rhea-ou. They say that catches a lot of fish, although you obviously can’t count them.

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