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1. The Guy with the consistent landing cast wins

1. The guy w the consistent landing cast wins.

What I guess I mean is that if you are throwing a longer line or borderline too long for you, sometimes your leader might land in a pile. Sometimes you don’t manage to shoot all the running line you have pulled off.  There is a good chance that the swings will be setting up differently maybe deeper/shallower  maybe faster/slower. Inconsistent casting makes for inconsistent swinging which isn’t great.  Pull out a moderate length of line which you can nail the cast on every time.  If you don’t nail the cast.  Don’t be afraid to pick it up and throw it again. The same goes for the swing. If you don’t think it swing that great, try that cast again before you step down. Maybe it’s you and not the water you’re in.  Try these thins you may learn something

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