Sea Duckin’

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Going sea duck hunting tomor.  forecast is good, hope to knock out a few new species. Heres a video I found on the youtubes.  Music is a little aggressive for my taste but it has some ok footage of birds … Continue reading

Laying Low

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Having a hard time getting the numbers back to what they once were on the chronicles.  I guess thats what I get for letting down the faithful.  Maybe I should start listening to Senor2, or Aunt Helen, or both, or … Continue reading

Taking shape

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Nothing like being home for moms cooking.  Mother discovered youtube today and picked up a couple tips for making her cabbage rolls.  They were good. After replacing the bandsaw blade ol beaver was rippin.  I was surprised how good the … Continue reading

Settling in

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A couple days in the homeland and I’ve made it to HQ.  Spent a couple days at my brothers, watched a couple of my niece’s hockey games, ate a few good meals, a birthday party, and a christmas party. I … Continue reading


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Capt. BillyLB inspired my creation of this “moosezangna” in my slow cooker.  It turned out pretty badass.  Please don’t mail me and ask me how to make it. I will tell you this tho,  Make lasagna as you normally would, … Continue reading

Waiting on Water

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  \ I would love to know how many days of the year I am wishing the water conditions would be different from what they actually are.  Colder, warmer, higher, lower, cleaner, calmer, choppier, bigger tide, smaller tide.  who knows, … Continue reading