Made It

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After being evicted from Tim Hortons last night, I met up w Karl who was travelling east for work as I moved west. Those who follow the Chronicles might remember Karl from my steelhead trip last fall.  It was nice … Continue reading

“Guide Life”

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Yeah, the fishing has been tough, but it can still be good For those who work hard, listen, focus, ask questions, stay engaged, learn, laugh, stay positive, and have a good time……..The fish ALWAYS come. There have been some incredible … Continue reading

Bigger than me

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Haven’t posted for a while, a combination of being busy, uncreative, tired, and just plain not into it, has made me pass a number of weeks without reporting on my Chronicles. I sort of lost my “stoke” for a bit. … Continue reading

Brown water

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I coulda swore I had the boat all washed up when I put it away last fall.  Then I remembered, the after a full day of guiding, midnight run to the West coast to go steelheading day.  Its all much … Continue reading

Comic Relief

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Southern Alberta is in a bit of a shitter right now.  Peoples homes are destroyed and are many are facing a long road to get back in them, they still manage to smile and laugh.  I think that is amazing. … Continue reading

San Deigo

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Had a good post written but I somehow deleted it grrrrrrrrr. Anyway I cant remember it all but I : – Was eaten by mosquitos in the night. – Burned 90 pesos of fuel idling the car all night with … Continue reading

In Conclusion

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My last few days in baja action packed for sure. Fished pretty hard right till the end.  If some of you haven’t been following Senor2′s mini blog he started in the comments section of my last post, I caught another … Continue reading

Down dayz

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Most of the crew pulled out on thursday.  Weather took a shitter Friday, hoping for more today.  I don’t take too many down days here.  I needed one thursday.  Got the dent in the xtank fixed (a whopping $50 repair) … Continue reading